32-year old Icelandic/Swede who enjoys simple things in life and when things make sense. When I’m not thinking about design or walking around taking pictures I enjoy fine beer, lifting heavy things and the football team GAIS. I like cheesy country music as well as evil black metal and I love a good drama film that hits you hard in the feels.

Design thinking
Everything begins with a need, and as a designer I strive to meet that need with something purposeful. I believe that strong messages very often require simple solutions and I see design both as an inherent skill and a craft that, if used correctly, can solve a wide range of problems.

I studied Informationsproduktion at Yrgo in Gothenburg. Since then I’ve built my knowledge through different offices such as Shout Advertising, F&B Factory and CP&B. Right now I’m a Design Director at Brandwork Design & Communication.

I’m always open for new challenges, opportunities and collaborations. Feel free to contact me with any proposals or questions. Email me at gudbjorn (at) or call on +46 735-85 70 96.